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A few words on search engines, SEO optimization and search pages in general

Search engines are now the most popular way and channel availability and sources of information, but in this month only in the world carry over 15 billion different search. This is certainly one of the best channels that you want to use for your promotion and as such is the most powerful marketing tool. What is established in the goal of SEO optimization is to achieve better position your website in search of what is not easy and not short-term process.

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that falls under internet marketing and is aimed at improving the position on google search engine primarily within the offset (free) content.
The above consists in a set of methods that the long term improve the position of your website on search engines, which means if your site is well optimized it will rank at the top of search engines for the keywords you have optimized the inside pages.

Thus reduce the need for payment and allocation of paid advertisements on search engines as it will your web site be organically good optizirane and as such will be more time at the top for certain keywords.

How long is SEO and that all actions undertaken to optimize?

SEO optimization of each page is the specific story, and depends on many factors such as the size of your site activity that you do, the frequency changes the content on the page, the keywords you want to position, etc.

Since the noted complex process, we start from the beginning and through the following steps:

1. The inspection program code and technical things in the website

2. The study, determination and setting keywords

3. Optimization of the content on the page

4. Building links and links to your site

Why optimization results not immediately visible and how long the process of ranking on Google?

Because of its specificity SEO is a long process that depends primarily on the size of the site, the frequency of changes of content and principle on working crawlers. After completing the SEO optimization, usually the results are seen after 3-6 months, and in specific cases even after eight months, all depending on the complexity, size and keywords.

Of course the most important factor are the search engines that have the task of periodically index your site, and according to their specific algorithms to rank them.
Here are some tips on how to improve and speed up the process themselves " propagation " or re-indexing and accelerating the process of visibility SEO.

- Connect your site with Facebook and thus create as many quality posts and interaction of people
- Periodically (every 2-3 weeks) add quality and optimized new content to your site
- Exchange banners and links with web sites

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