Windows application development
Specialized custom applications.
Need a desktop or server windows application that will be reliable, fast and process specific data or processes?

We make windows applications exactly specialized to your choice and specification in VB.NET technology.
You need quality windows application that will do complex operations and thereby communicate with other physical devices and related services?
Whether you have an idea, project or simply request for specific collection, processing and storing data with the need for communication with the physically connected devices such as fingerprint readers, RFID card reader, and all other input devices, we have the solution for you.

Windows applications

Windows applications are applications installed within, today, the most popular operating system (Windows) we encounter almost daily. Despite the development of new forms of technology and general development of the IT sector, Windows applications today, as 10 years ago, remain the basis for the creation of complex information systems that require reliability, speed and specific requirements for collection, processing and storing data.

The comparative advantage of Windows applications over any other forms (web applications, mobile applications) is as mentioned able to communicate with all connected devices on your computer, so in most cases Windows applications use to communicate with external devices on the computer, such as biometric devices (fingerprint reader, face recognition), POS devices for specific printing patterns, measuring instruments (digital scales, gauges air quality) and all other devices through which you need to pick up some information, analyze it and pass it on.

Technologies used in making windows applications

In all of our windows projects use only Microsoft Visual Studio package, these applications are developed in VB.NET or C # programming language course using the .NET framework version that is tailored to the end user and the operating system on which the application will run.

When we talk about the database for offline smaller projects that, in practice, best shown SQLite database since it is extremely light and agile.
If it is a larger online project that is unrivaled best Microsoft SQL server, but if you or the situation requires, we use the MySQL database.

Examples and requirements of clients

Through years of experience we have crafted numerous windows projects, but in order to gain insight or basic purpose of specific projects, we bring you a list of some interesting projects.

Ljekarnis - system for management of loyalty points when they purchase products in pharmacies
  A system that was created for the client for the purposes of the group of pharmacies that conduct " Loyalty" reward program for customers. Within the information system carried out the registration, tracking and records of customers in the pharmacy where the following habits of customers, leads the list of products purchased and for every product purchased customers are awarded bonus points. Each customer has a membership card and listed points can be replaced by other products or a discount. The system except reporting and information module has a marketing component, so customers can automated to target and inform via SMS and email via Newsletter system.
Song Updater
  Mini module is designed to be a radio station, and enables integration with their existing system, the reception file in which is logged songs and various other activities which are then processed, stored in the database in real-time and then displayed on the website and within mobile applications radio page.
Outlook Email processor
  Mini module with our previous product (Web application) which is designed for the automated processing of incoming e-mail. The application connects to the Outlook e-mail client on the local computer, read all incoming mail and processes and filters only the reverse email addresses that are defective (no longer used, then non-existent are). After processing all the data is sent to a central database to the web application and its email address is automatically de-register with the previous system to the client would no longer send newsletter marketing emails to invalid addresses.
Local Weather
  The above is the idea of ​​one of our client which is a hobby monitoring weather conditions on its micro location. Application connects directly to a USB device that reads the temperature of the air, the wind speed, etc. Parameters of the weather conditions in real time. After receiving the data all the data is sent to the automated database where further forwarded to the web site and as an API to numerous mobile applications.
  An interesting project our client who is engaged in beekeeping. For the purpose of automatic measurement of weight of the hive and the control software is designed to directly communicate with a digital scale at which the bag is set to the video image within the sheet and out of the hive. Thus the client no longer has so often physically circumambulate the beehive, measure the weight of the same, it is sufficient to connect to the application and the system it displays the current state of weight, the historical statistics that the weight has fallen changed and can see the situation through micro cameras inside and outside their own hives.
Server overview
  Since we are dealing with web hosting and we have several servers, we searched for an adequate option for monitoring and display real-time busy all resources on all our servers. There are some solutions, but not that good and we made a desktop widget that displays all the resources (memory, server load, space on disks, network traffic, etc.). Thus we get a top tool in one place, without connecting to a particular server displays all relevant information is essential for stability and server management.
The records of members
  For the purposes of an organization, with a full range of modules (fiscalization, offers, work orders, etc.) Implement we contactless RFID authorization presence of members within the Organization which is authorized by tapping an RFID card with the device, and the whole system continues to record, process and creates a record and statistics of their arrivals.

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