Web sites are reflection of your business.
You need simple web site, more complex portal ili multi-language mega project with many options and functions? You are on right place.

We develop web sites with our CORE MEDIA CMS system, where user can manage his web site, web portal or any more complex project with ease.
Web sites are reflection of your business, make a good first impression.

Use potential and show yourself in a good light!
Long standing experience tells us that visitors don’t stay long on unatractive and old fashioned web site, even if they found what they were looking for.
Do you want to risk it and loose potential client or customer for your products or services?

Define goals
In consultation with our clients we define the appearance, structure and elements of the web site in order to satisfy all the needs and desires of the client, and the client to receive excellent final product.
Process of making
Following the modern technology, your website is being developed according to the standards in the latest technologies and in accordance with the agreement.
Education and delivery
The final phase of any project is the delivery of the project, and therefore the education of users on all aspects of the management of the web page and its elements.

We develop unique website based on our own CMS system that is entirely possible to customize for all your needs.

How we work?
We collect your ideas, tips and materials
We make an initial proposal for the conceptual design
We perform the audit of the product until you are satisfied.
We deliver you a finished project.
We perform monitoring and maintenance of your project
Why work with us?
10 years of experience
EU funded projects
Project team
Modern design
Our experts with many years of experience will offer you optimal solutions and specific technologies to achieve your goal.
We participated in planning, arhitecture and implementation on various projects that have been funded by European union.
Your web site or other complex project is always under carefull eye of few experts, never carried out by one single person. We have entire development team who strictly cares about your wishies and desired deadlines.
We are following and working with latest trends in order to create your webpages and other solutions in modern, attractive and cost optimized way.

Why use a CMS and how it makes savings?

Development and investment in the CMS system from the start is a bit more expensive for users, but you will soon realize that this is exactly what you need because our very simple and intuitive CMS through just a few clicks, you can change all of the content, administer news, photo galleries and all other modules, which you automatically saves time and money because it completely eliminates the need for maintenance and hiring a third party to change the content on your site.

Among more than 30 ready-made modules for site management, web shop or a large portal we offer and making modules tailored exactly to specific wishes.

We offer web shops exactly as desired and customized

Modern design
In developing all our solutions we take a lot of attention on the final appearance of the product. All our solutions are unique and are not ready-made templates that can be purchased for a few dollars. This means that the graphical solution built entirely in cooperation and in consultation with the client according to the specific instructions respecting the form, shape and color.

With proper design, attention is given to new technologies and implementing them to the final solution is quick, customized and at the end, functional.

Credit card payment and fiscal cash

In over 10 years of our experience in the implementation and development of information systems and software solutions, we often communicate with banks and various financial institutions to find optimal solutions and ways of implementation of card processing and billing. We work with all the leading banks regarding the offer of card products and services.

Contact us for free to advising which is the best and most cost-effective for you when it comes to implementation of card payment (VISA, MasterCard, Diners and American Express) whether you want to enable customers of one-time or installment payments.

As part of the payment card, there is a legal framework which provides financial processing for all card transactions. We have a ready-made modules and solutions for automated and manual fiscalization and invoicing.

Cooperation with courier services
In cooperation with the Overseas Express courier service, we have developed a special module that is available for deployment within the web store, and enables automated order service (accept the package and sent to the end user). With the said module (if you have a large turnover of goods) will save the time required for printing purchase orders to accept the package and contact the courier service

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