Web application development
Specialized cloud applications
You have a need for specialized web application accessible from any computer?

Our solutions are based on PHP and ASP.NET technologies in cloud that guarantee 100% data availability and system integrity.
Software solutions that are accessed directly from the web browser greatly reduce and optimize the cost and make modern business life simple.
Our years of experience providing quality, optimization and attractive looking applications using the latest technology providing a great user experience.

Cost optimization
Customer satisfaction
The application is accessible from anywhere at any time, wherever located.
The final product made to measure the user saves time and money.
Our primary goal is user
pleasure with final product.

Why are today web applications so popular?

The development of the Internet and new technology brings better user experience and the very interaction that contributes to the growing popularity and growing demands for web applications.

The very fact is that the web application does not need an operating system, installation, additional software, frameworks etc., it has sufficient access through a web browser and you are immediately ready to work. Also single web application eliminates the need for upgrades, patches and needs for same execution on multiple computers. All this is executed online and everything is available immediately to all users.

Web programs as such are particularly represented in businesses where high mobility and where there are a large number of tasks and users themselves. All this allows better organization and management of business processes.

It is important to note that the use of web applications do not need any technical knowledge. Just the basics of using the Internet.

How can we help you?

An application that does what you want
Today on the market, alot of systems do not meet the general or sufficient needs and requirements of users. They are inflexible, can not be adapted to the specific job that deals with client so the clients are forced to compromise. Those programs have problems during the enlargement and implementation within the existing system, so users simply are not satisfied.

What we offer is the creation of business web applications exclusively, according to exactly specified requirements and instructions from the user so that the user have full control and access to its case-business processes, which ultimately saves time and money.

Specialized solutions save your money
As we have described before, ready made solutions have a lot of modules that you do not use and do not need. Our approach to work, we produce and deliver to you only those modules within specialized applications that you require.

Innovation and realization
When you decide to go in the development of the project, you need a paretner who will accompany you in the technological development of listening to your needs, wishes and possibilities. So far we have developed more than 100 web applications for various client profiles from office work to the medical sector. Therefore we have acquired the knowledge and skills to listen to the needs and desires of clients and we have the possibility of proposing, consulting and designing optimal solutions.

Examples of web applications that we made for clients

  CMS or Content Management System is our solution finished and constantly upgraded already the fifth year in a row that we use in all our web projects. CMS has over 40 different modules which can offer total control over the content and all the programmed parts to our customers whether it is a small website or a huge site with a web shop.
Card business
  As one of the modules for the card business, we have implemented for our customers almost all providers of card payment on our market in cooperation with banks such as PBZ, RBA, and ZABA.
  For many of our clients we have created your DMS systems for managing, archiving and cataloging large amounts of data.
Work orders
  As one of our original product for users we made specific modules within our system for work orders that customers use every day to work whether it is on the companies to set the air conditioner or the simple service of computers and telecommunications equipment.
  Another one of our products is a BMS system, which gives full control and allows the system necessary for managing a small business. Within this there is a large number of modules from issuing tenders, account fiscalization up to the financial analysis, automatic entry and processing of bank statements for various banks and through automatic creation loan, request for bid, records storage and others.
Newsletter system
  Also another our product used by many users to send personalized emails to end-customers. The system 15 includes various modules via the creation of groups of users, various database mail address via the filtering and processing of the various groups email address to send the personalized user addressing in multiple languages.
Booking system
  Our system for private owners of rooms and suites, which greatly facilitates the owners organization, entry, creation of reports and review of general excess capacity and revenue.

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