Facebook advertisement
More than a billion users
Facebook - The most popular social network today has more than a billion users and thus makes an enormous advertising market in which you simply have to be. A huge number of users and the flow provides an accurate segmentation of the target audience and adequate delivery of your ads.
Largestsocial network with more than one billion users.

What is Facebook advertising?Facebook advertising with communitiy management and promotion through the Facebook application is the third segment of marketing on the social network. The availability of the ad, or the number of users who can see your ad is about 1.5 million people in Croatia and over 1.5 billion people in the world, which overall makes a huge group of people who can see your ad.

How much does it cost?In Facebook advertising is a little different situation than with Google Adwords, and it is to be with facebook advertising ads can charge per check or per click (depending on the preference and choice of client). With the vast amount of users, Facebook is still the cheapest way of advertising, so let's say for a few dollars, your ad can reach visibility of several thousand people.

The aforementioned advertising allows very precise targeting of the target group, which means that the target groups may depend on the age, location, education, gender, religion and many other aspects.

Why choose Facebook advertising?

Facebook is the most visited site in Croatia.
Facebook advertising is still cheaper than other types of advertising.
Facebook is the largest social network with over a billion registered users
Your ads can be targeted precisely according to many criteria ..
You can pay per click or impression, it all depends on the selection.
By advertising on Facebook you have the opportunity to show their offer before others.
Promote your page, gather likes, receive comments and share content.

Examples of Facebook ads
Primjeri Facebook oglasa Primjeri Facebook oglasa Primjeri Facebook oglasa Primjeri Facebook oglasa Primjeri Facebook oglasa Primjeri Facebook oglasa
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