Facebook application development
An interactive facebook application users.
Want to attract more users and introduce them to your business? Facebook applications are a great thing.

Through Facebook applications such as prize competitions, questionnaires, quizzes and the like. Make a large number of like, conversations and post about you and your business.
Quality and cleverly devised Facebook applications achieve greater interactivity , conversations and more members on your page.
Building your brand, you want more users and "Likes" on the Facebook page, and also want a greater number of visits to your website. You want your members to promote you for free and thus bring other potential buyers of your products or services? Then this is right for you.

What are Facebook applications?

Facebook applications are programmed solutions specialized designed for Facebook in the form of various questionnaires, sweepstakes, photo gallery, etc. That aim to attract more users, collect their data and introduce them to your products and services. This is one of the most widely used marketing tools today that collects valuable information about potential customers, such as email address, sex, age, area of interest, etc. Data which is extremely important in further targeting marketing and promotion.

Depending on how the application is made, there are various options and ways to bring new customers to your profile and the web page itself, but also one of the most popular options is that after a person visits your application - created automatic publication on the profile of visitors, which it actually refers other and asks them to look at your product or service which of course creates added value.

Examples of well-known brands

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of good Facebook Marketing is fan page "Havana Club". .
To promote their alcoholic drinks, they make an application that is aimed to invite all members and lovers of alcoholic drinks that photo in Havana atmosphere with their drinks and features.

Person with most number of "likes" by application visitors won a free seven-day trip to Cuba.
The above had a huge response among the audience since the applicants were 1,000 candidates, and of course to people won, candidates are daily promoted their application, and therefore their products to all your friends and acquaintances who are then every day it visited, shared and liked.

Conclusion: The above with relatively little money invested had the result of huge visits by customers themselves and consumption (purchase) their drinks.

The types of Facebook applications

If we talk about the types of applications, then surely it can be divided into several segments, which are quizzes, surveys, photo galleries, galleries product, bonus issues and the like. The possibilities are endless, and you only need to have an idea. Another realization is our job.

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